Memorophilia C.I.C.

Hand-Crafted Memoirs and Life Story Books

Do you have elderly relatives living in Cornwall? Is coming down to visit them as often as you would like proving difficult?

We are a small social enterprise working with older, socially isolated members of the community. We take the time to listen with care to well-loved anecdotes and then craft them into individual, hand-written and illustrated life-story books.

​A friendly, family run social enterprise based in Cornwall, UK, Memorophilia hopes to make a difference by supporting those in society who could be at risk of forgetting their own story, providing a chance to pass memories down to younger generations so they will never be lost in time. You could call it befriending…..but with a beautiful book at the end!

At Memorophilia, we have creativity at heart, and we specialise in individually made artist books, made by professional, experienced artists/ writers/ binders. Hand-written, individually illustrated and creatively bound memoirs, they are presented in a gift box ready  to pass down through your family. These are one-off original artefacts and so every one is different. They can contain copies of family photographs. However, you can choose to have a few extra copies made for friends and family. They are high quality, made from sustainably produced, archival quality materials and are designed to stand the test of time.