Horizon Play Therapy

Child and Adult Mental Health Wellbeing Support

Horizon Play Therapy offers mental health advice and support to children (over 3 years), teenagers, adults, schools and families.

Play therapy involves using toys, symbols, sand, art, sound and/or movement to enable an individual to express themselves, explore their feelings and emotions and work through life’s challenges, such as separation, bereavement, behaviour, adoption and disability. Play therapy is similar to counselling and other psychodynamic talking therapies, but rather than the focus being on the conversation, which children and some adults find challenging; the emphasis is typically on the ‘play’, ‘art’ or use of symbols.  This allows the Qualified Play Therapist to support children and adults to explore their personal experiences and the world around them in a safe and secure way, so that they can positively grow, learn and develop new understandings and life skills.

Horizon Play Therapy can offer individual or group sessions either online, at the therapy space in Tregony or at an alternative location, such as School.

Please contact Mathew Walk-ley (Play Therapist MSc., MA., BSc., MBAPT) at HorizonPlayTherapy@gmail.com or call 07926401387 for an initial free consultation.  For further information please visit HorizonPlayTherapy.com

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Evening and Weekend sessions available on request